About our organic dairy farm

General information:

Organic dairy farm De Koeberg is run by René and Claudia and has 65 dairy cows and about 40 young stock. All cows and calves have a name. The calves walk ± 2 months with mama cow in the herd. Then they come together in age groups. When they are ± 1.5 years old they are inseminated. After 9 months they have their first calf and start giving milk. Before they calve, they return to the large herd.
We have 60 hectares of land in use. Part is for grazing and on the remainder we grow our own feed for the cows (grass, maize and grain). Our ladies walk in the meadow more than 200 days a year. In the winter period they lie comfortably in the straw of the deep litter barn. We milk the cows every day around 07:00 and 18:00, 365 days a year. Every 3 days the organic branch of Friesland-Campina collects the milk and organic products are made from it.

We also participate in various nature-promoting projects, such as:
Wild hamster friendly field management, herb-rich field edges, hawthorn hedges, pollard willows and standard orchards preservation. There are also beehives in our meadow.

Excursion: all about cows and calves

Have you always been curious about working and living on a farm? What do a farmer and farmer's wife do in a day? We tell you everything about our cows and the ins and outs on our organic dairy farm. You can see, feel, smell and taste it all.

Reception with coffee/tea/organic milk and delicious homemade cake. Offering a simple lunch is also possible. Then we will look at our company. The excursion takes ± 1.5 hours. Costs with reception are €6.50 p.p., just the excursion is €5.00 p.p. (minimum of 6 people).

Do you have questions or special wishes? Please let us know. Call or email for information and to make an appointment.

A spontaneous interview with Claudia and René on L1 TV

In this video, recorded on September 23rd, 2020, Claudia and René are spontaneously interviewed for the L1 TV program “Óngerwaeg” (En route). L1 TV gave it the title “Óngerwaeg goes trial harvesting in Herkenrade”.

Source: L1.nl

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